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Is not about presents to me.
I have had so many people this year apologize for not getting me a present or a bigger present. In all honesty I do not mind at all. I have never been a present fan and in all honesty because of my religion Buddhist… presents mean nothing. A simple card will make me happy.

Christmas is also about the people who you have around you, your loved ones. This year all I want around me is my loved ones.
I lost my Mum last year and I lost my father in 2004, so I have had to come to terms with missing the people I want most around me. I have my sister, her boyfriend and her children and this year I have an even more widened family surrounding me. I have my boyfriend Mike and his family who fill that gap in my heart even more. These things make me a lot more happier than a present as they are the best presents I could have.

I wish I could have my parents here with me, I know they will be in my heart always so for that reason they are even more close to me than I could ask.

So this year for Christmas I will be thinking of the people I wish I could have around me, but also the people who have absolutely no-one surrounding them right now.

This Christmas don’t moan about the lack of presents or how small they are or the fact you didn’t get the one thing you wanted.

Just be thankful you got the people around you, who care about you the most.

- Lou Sonyak

Mar 1


Woop, got to sing in a bit get the voice box going a little bit. 
Drinking tea because I find it warms the voc’s up so bring it on.
Also I get news tonight on when I have to perform for Simon Cowell’s family & and when I have to lay some vocals for a DVD xD

2011 carry on being good please?


Feb 6

Cape Town, South Africa

Summer needs to hurry up
My best friend lives in South Africa, I have decided that after my operation in June/July I am going to fly out there to go see her, get a tan and act like a bunch of lesbians and party! Haha.

I miss her dearly, I still can not believe she has moved back there. So seeing her will make 2011 that bit more special. I might for a month. <3 

Feb 2
Jan 8
Oct 5


2011 with the college for the film festival <3 love it.

i best start learning french <3



Gunna be there for a week or maybe 2 weeks.
Come see me? Not till next year though haha =P