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weight loss journey

so next week i am going to hopeflly start my weight loss journey.

i am going to be tackling this with my best friend of 11 years.
we are both going to start going to the gym.
at first we might only go 1 - 3 times a week.
but my goal is to go everyday apart from sunday.

i cant wait to lose the weight on my body, it is holding me back on so many things in life.
i need to achieve my dreams, i cant allow anything to stop me from reaching them.

i may also post before and after pictures, got to get the confidence up first.

10 Facts

about me :

  1. My name is Lou Sonyak
  2. I was born on the 31.08.1990 and I am half Hungarian(and proud), quater Scottish and English.
  3. I strongly believe that I was born an English person who was meant to be born in the USA!
  4. I believe my past life was between the 1890 - 1940’s as I love this period of time, I also believe my past career then was Singer/Actress.
  5. I am a singer, songwriter, actress, photographer and I generally write stories. These are the career’s I want to do in my life, ie yes famous if possible. I believe that is why I am here in this lifetime, to achieve these dreams <3
  6. I plan to go to New York the end of this year or the beginning of next year and my master plan is to gig around, work in cafe’s and not come back to the UK!
  7. Caitlin Crosby is my favourite singer/songwriter, listen to her album FLAWZ and you will see why <3 I will record a song with her one day <3
  8. I admit I have big fat crushes on Joe Jonas and David Henrie. I plan to marry one of them ;)
  9. I totally adore minnie mouse <3 

want to know more about me? FORMSPRING.ME :) my link is on the side on my profile <3 love ya’ll