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Sep 5
Today’s exercise goal to get to the top of this hill! And that’s not even the top of the hill! Tower road! #hill #goal #letsdothis #gotmywater #exercise #fitness #healthy #lifestyle #achieve #dudley #blackcountry #oldbury

Today’s exercise goal to get to the top of this hill! And that’s not even the top of the hill! Tower road! #hill #goal #letsdothis #gotmywater #exercise #fitness #healthy #lifestyle #achieve #dudley #blackcountry #oldbury

Mar 9

High Off Of Coffee

on a roll with my writing, I have roughly today wrote another 6k words and I am not even finished yet. I am living off of coffee at the moment and even though earlier I fainted I am not letting that stop me from doing what I have too.
Never had something so important that I have needed to finish before and I will be damned if anything will stop me now.

If you are writing today, how many words have you written?

Happy Writing XO’


When I hit a goal that wasn’t meant to happen yet. Woooo. :) 15k words on ADWD :) I am stupidly excited right about now.

5k words

oh yes go me. i have hit the 5k mark on words in the book. big milestone for me. ive wrote chapters for other books i have, yet never hit the 5k milestone so for me this is such a big goal. next step 10k :D

weight loss journey

so next week i am going to hopeflly start my weight loss journey.

i am going to be tackling this with my best friend of 11 years.
we are both going to start going to the gym.
at first we might only go 1 - 3 times a week.
but my goal is to go everyday apart from sunday.

i cant wait to lose the weight on my body, it is holding me back on so many things in life.
i need to achieve my dreams, i cant allow anything to stop me from reaching them.

i may also post before and after pictures, got to get the confidence up first.


I don’t know what to do with it anymore…

I honestly don’t know where it is leading..

What my next goal/step in life should be…. I am honestly lost..

Nov 5

my 2 year career goals

if you seen a post i sent on here the other week or maybe it was twitter; you may know i love to write as in novels etc and my career goal to get finished by the end of 2012 is to write a book and hopefully get it published well…
today i have decided to spend many hours trying to write up plots for this book and to hopefully get around about 2-3 chapters done.
i do have an idea which is stuffed in my purse(everything goes in there) so there is a fairly odd chance i might just write that one or carry on writing the novel Unnoticeable i already have a sequel planned for that.
but yes i am going to go and consume a large amount of coffee and hide under my blanket typing away.

anyway ya’ll have any of you got career goals and when for? :) <3