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Jul 8
Healthy eating ftw <3 #red #seedless #grapes #mandarines #oranges #healthy #eating #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weight #journey #lifestyle #prolonginglife #tasty #yummy

Healthy eating ftw <3 #red #seedless #grapes #mandarines #oranges #healthy #eating #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weight #journey #lifestyle #prolonginglife #tasty #yummy

Just killed 165 squats 👊💪👍#weightloss #myjourney #weight #30daysquatchallenge #challenge #workout #journey #keepingfit #

Just killed 165 squats 👊💪👍#weightloss #myjourney #weight #30daysquatchallenge #challenge #workout #journey #keepingfit #

Jan 6

Black Coffee

with no sugar and no milk has to be one of my worst nightmares, but it burns fat within the body so… lets do this for the benefit of things. <3

Jan 4

Diet, Food.. Diary

So I do not know how many weeks it has been since I posted about my weight loss… Just to keep you firmly up to date!!

I have kept my diet going, it has and did go well… on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day… I let my self go.. I mean why shouldn’t I? It was Christmas after all and I was spending time with my family and to be honest we all enjoyed our selves and I do not for a second feel bad about letting my food and diet going a bit off the wall..

Anyway since boxing day I have been very ill, I have been cooped up in bed most of it with feeling rather sick a lot, also I have contracted Conjunctivitis, which in all respect has been a pain in the back side and has really just made me feel bad. My eyes are slowly getting better which is positively a good sign. Throughout this time my appetite has been all over the place and I have not been eating properly which I know I should have but I really did not feel like eating a lot of the time… Anyway back to the present….

Yesterday me and mike(boyfriend) went shopping and we stocked up on a lot of healthy food. The diet I originally decided to undertake I hit on the head, mainly because it did not give me the right amount of calorie intake that I needed. However I have decided to just eat pure healthy.

With this I am also drinking the minimum of 1 cup of tea a day, 3 cups of Green Tea a day and also trying to add some orange squash and water in there.


Breakfast: Green Tea, Museli, with 2 tablespoons of fat free yoghurt, with a banana.

Lunch: Ham salad sandwich, with includes on it.. cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, lettuce. Also I have had an orange and Green Tea.

Dinner: Has not come around yet and I do not know what I will be having yet. 


Good News: I start work with my new company on Wednesday, I am going to check out my new office space as I will be the main head administrator there. Also once I have done my first month there I will be attending the gym hopefully 5 days a week straight after work. Also I am very much thinking of starting Raspberry Ketones…. have any of you tried them and have the worked for you?

New Year Resolution/Goals (:

   It is that time of year again where we all make resolutions/goals for the year ahead. Some of us actually complete all of these goals and some of us struggle. Whether we complete one of them or a handful of them the fact we have tried to do them should make you proud.

Don’t let the fact that you may have a few goals left get you down, re add them to your list for the year after, but just try and complete them 110% more this time.


So here is my list for 2013, if I am honest this is the first time in a very long time I am making my self a list. My reasons: well this year(2012) I realised a lot had to change, some of them have been asked of me and some of them are personal goals I know I need to do to make the atmosphere and life around me better. So here is my list…


1.   Loose 6 Stone/84pounds or more.

2.  Eat a lot healthier, more salad, and more vegetable.

3.  Buy a passport; I have been saying for a few years now that I need to buy one, but with the plans I have I need to buy one.

4.  Have at least 1 holiday (hopefully the USA); my last holiday was in 2008. A lot has happened since then and I think it is time I have this holiday. The only holidays I have had in the past were with my mum and dad, which meant the world to me. In a way not having a holiday scared me a little bit because it was them times that meant the most to me, but this year it will be kind of an accomplishment.

5.  Start off my tattoo sleeve; I am addicted to tattoos, they are sexy and a piece of art. My sleeve is not going to random, everything means something and I want to start it off.

6.  Get rid of at least 2 debts; after my mum passed away I was left with her debts and to get rid of them would be one less worry on my shoulders.

7.  Redecorate my house; my house has been decorated for, well I do not know. My mum and dad decorated it and it has been the same since. So I want to give the house my own touch every room needs doing. But I least want my hallways. Living room and my back garden need totally revamping.

8.  Join the gym; all part of my new transformation. This includes: exercising at least 5 times a week, and swimming at least 2 times a week.

9.  Become more confident in my new skin; also apart of the new transformation. I have never been confident in my body and something defiantly has to change.

10.  Become a bit more confident with fashion; being a photographer I see people wearing some amazing clothes, yet I know I could never fit into them. I look at clothes and shoes like any other person and wish I could wear them. So this year I want to be able to be confident with fashion and wear lovely things.

11. Complete at least 20 photo shoots; mainly on a weekend as weekends will be the main free times I will have.

12.  Spend at least one Saturday a month with my nephews; obviously I will spend as much time with them as I possibly can, but with work it is going to be hard. However one Saturday a month I want to spend the whole day with them and do what ever they want to do.

13.  Learn the guitar; I have a guitar sitting upstairs which was my uncle; I have had it for years just sitting there. I sing and I song write but doing those things sometimes seem a little useless. So 2013 I want to learn the guitar, write a couple of songs but also hopefully get them recorded a little bit.

14.  Complete my novel; obviously I have started this goal but the goal is to complete it. I also want to send it off to America to a publishing company. Fingers crossed right.

15.  Save £2,000; I love to save money, just so that when I need it, it is there. So I want to save this money so that I can start a savings account just so that if I ever become stuck I will know I have it there.


So yeah, everyone has these resolutions and goals. Lets stand up and fight them together (:

We can do this do not give up.

Happy New Year everyone.

Dec 9

Road to weight loss, Day 1

Name: Lou Sonyak

Start date: 8. 12. 12

Current Weight: 25stone/350lb

Realistic Goal Weight: 12stone/168lb

Album I am currently listening to: Caitlin Crosby - Flawz


I always read about people losing weight on here etc and writing a diary. Until now I have never had the courage to write about my weight problem with letting the world know.

But I want to say that if any of you who are on my list are offended by lets face it a fat person letting you know about her life then please delete me. However if you are one of the very billion of people who wants to know you are not alone with loosing weight then please feel free to follow me.
I look to tumblr for inspiration on a daily basis and I want my story to be an inspiration to someone even if that is just one person in the whole world.

I will be letting you know about my ups and downs throughout my journey to loosing weight, also what I eat most days. I do not suggest any of you follow what I eat unless you have some guidance from a medical practice. I have to be honest now I do not have permission from my doctor for the diet I am doing. But let me explain..

The diet I am doing is a diet that was asked of me before weight loss surgery that I was recommended for. I haven’t had the surgery, but I am attempting this diet and after seeing a dietician it will be changed. The diet as to be one of the hardest things I have and will be doing but I know in the end it will all be for a good cause. I have never been excited to loose weight before but I have so many reasons why I need it doing.

1: Just 2 days ago I got told by a doctor I am too big for another surgery that I desperately need. Let me just say this was a shock to me I knew I was big but I never knew that I could be too big to have a surgery. In this session with him he told me I had to loose weight, 2 stone to be precise in 6 months. Not for him but for me. I want to prove this doctor wrong and show him I can do this. But I want to prove to my self I can do this as well.

2: Heart disease runs in my family, and I am perfectly honest I want to reduce this as much as I can for the future.

3: When I have children I want to be able to run around with them for hours and not be getting out of breath, a little secret.. I already get ran out of breath just walking up the stairs. Once where I could run up the stairs I now CAN NOT!

There are more reasons and I am being honest none of these are to be like others and where what I like. I am very comfortable in the clothes I wear. But it would be nice to look at people and not have them thinking I look like a monster. Alot of people look at me like I am and I hate this feeling.

There is no better feeling than knowing you can achieve something in your life and this is definitely something I want to be proud of. I want to have that picture of me now in 20 years time and be like LOU YOUR DIFFERENT NOW. But if you are in the same shoes as me and you are about to give up remember YOU ARE WORTH IT.

I am lucky to have people around me supporting me, but if you don’t have that or want more people to support you, we can do this, together…


My breakfast and lunch were before I re found my diet..

Food Diary:

Breakfast: Poached egg with gammon

Lunch: Ham sandwich with lettuce and cucumber with ground black pepper.

Dinner: Child size cottage pie (Asda) with 2 table spoons of rice.

Drinks: 2 cups of tea with 1 and a half sugars, 1 hot chocolate, 2 glasses of water


My journey is just starting but lets make it one to remember… <3

weight loss journey

so next week i am going to hopeflly start my weight loss journey.

i am going to be tackling this with my best friend of 11 years.
we are both going to start going to the gym.
at first we might only go 1 - 3 times a week.
but my goal is to go everyday apart from sunday.

i cant wait to lose the weight on my body, it is holding me back on so many things in life.
i need to achieve my dreams, i cant allow anything to stop me from reaching them.

i may also post before and after pictures, got to get the confidence up first.

Feb 4
This is so true, but I know that it wont fix my life. Those of you who are losing weight just to think its going to change your life.. Think about it :)

This is so true, but I know that it wont fix my life. Those of you who are losing weight just to think its going to change your life.. Think about it :)

Nov 8
I  don&#8217;t think I have been so disgusted by a photo in my whole entire  life; this photograph is a really big wake up call! I wanna cry right  now! :&#8217;(I need to do something, I can&#8217;t live like this! These are two different women!
I don’t think I have been so disgusted by a photo in my whole entire life; this photograph is a really big wake up call! I wanna cry right now! :’(
I need to do something, I can’t live like this!

These are two different women!
Nov 8

I really need some…

As you guys would call it “thinspiration" right about now.
I am having an operation next year, to help me with my weight.. however, if I can I would very much like to avoid that operation completely..

So right about now I will be posting some thinspiration photographs, I do not know who they belong too. If there is a name I shall add it to the bottom.

Guys I can not stress enough;
The last thing I would want to hear is of you becoming ill.

IF ANY OF YOU HAVE ANY WEIGHT STORIES TO TELL ME, go to my Ask question or formspring, I would love to hear from you. Same as to if any of you have any BEFORE AND AFTER pictures.

Good luck if you are trying to loose weight. :)